Companion with the Poor is a non-profit, Christian organization that works with the poorest communities in Metro Manila by planting holistic churches that meet the spiritual and physical needs of the most marginalized in the least reached slums. CWTP partners with local churches to plant sustainable churches within two years.



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Camarin Caloocan Area

Camarin Caloocan Area- April 2018

This Month of April, we participated in our yearly Youth Camp in Laguna last 19 to 21 and were able to send 9 campers. Ian Bernabe 15yo is known as gay in the community. But during the youth camp, he understood that God did not create people as homosexuals. And…

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Camarin Caloocan Area- January 2018

Ministry Highlights Goals for 2018. First is to open another ten (10) home Bible studies. Presently, we have ten (10) active home Bible studies, eight (8) adult regular attendees in Sunday Worship, eight (8) young people baptized, and thirty (30) children Sunday school attendees. Second is to baptize twenty (20)…

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Camarin Caloocan Area- December 2017

Ministry Highlights Amazing Christmas Celebration. Our Christmas Celebration was really amazing. Prior to this, the team has been so busy in the preparations for gift giving to the church members in our ministry area. It was really tiring yet worth it! It is our joy to serve the poor. During…

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Camarin Caloocan Area- November 2017

November 20 of this year was a very sad day to the whole team of Robes Camarin. It was because one of our regular attendees both in the Sunday worship and Bible study, named Precilla, left her family. She has four (4) children, the eldest is 6 and the youngest…

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Camarin Caloocan Area- October 2017

Ministry Highlights Prayer Day. Last October 19, 2017, we conducted a prayer day. The whole team was present together with the volunteers and some members of the church. It started at 9 in the morning and after our siesta we went to our regular home bible study while others did…

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Camarin Caloocan Area-September 2017

Ministry Highlights I.    For this month, we have started a partial renovation of our church building because some of the materials in the house were severely damaged. We removed the partition in the existing rooms to widen the space somehow. We have also repaired the roof because of leaks every…

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Camarin Caloocan Area-July 2017

1From the time we started our ministry at Robes I, Camarin, finding a right venue/place to conduct our ministries has been our great dilemma. We experienced problems especially during rainy season, and when the previous venue is not available. We prayed hard until the Lord finally opened a door of opportunity for us to enter.
A residential unit owned by Mrs. Ladina Casuga is available for acquisition. The unit has approximately 45 to 50 square meters floor area with about 30 square meters backyard, comfort room, water and electricity connection. We believe that this is the best place to be used as our church building for it will meet the goals and objectives of our strategic plan. After we discussed this with our partner, the team decided to purchase this property. We closed our negotiation with the owner amounting to One Hundred Fifty Thousand pesos only (Php 150,000.00). Target to purchase the property within this July.

Camarin Caloocan Area-June 2016

Ministry Update: We have regular youth fellowship facilitated by Bro. Jhay-r with a regular attendee of 15 young people. Our struggle in the community is that, we don’t have now a place to conduct our regular ministry activities. As what showed in the pictures below, this venue that we usually…

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