Companion with the Poor is a non-profit, Christian organization that works with the poorest communities in Metro Manila by planting holistic churches that meet the spiritual and physical needs of the most marginalized in the least reached slums. CWTP partners with local churches to plant sustainable churches within two years.



Baras Rizal Area- July 2018

Alternative Learning System Class

Ministry Highlights

All by HIS grace and mercies!
This month is a sick month. Ptr. Nerio’s wife got sick, and so was Sis. Pauelette. She has had stomach pain. She vomited many times and had to frequent the restroom. Sister Delia too was having pain in her stomach. My son, Shadrach also was found to have Primary Complex. We keep praying that the Lord will heal all of us who are sick.

The Alternative Learning System we are doing well. The students are excited to take their qualifying exams in October. We are praying they will all pass. The feeding program is doing good as well. There are now about 60-80 children we feed on Saturdays. We continue to thank the Lord for this privilege of helping and serving the malnourished children in our area.

We continue to have worship and fellowship on Sundays. However, due to bad weather condition that has prevailed almost the whole month of July, some of the members got sich including their children.
We hope to be able to find a new area soon as our present ministry in the current area is about to finish.

Ministry Plan for August

1. Continue the ALS Classes and be able to prepare the learners for the upcoming ALS examination in October 2018.
2. Pay a visit to our target new ministry area.
3. Continue to do our ministries: Sunday Worship/Prayer Meetings/Bible Studies/ Saturday Children.
4. I will be in Malaysia on Aug 28- Sept 2, 2018 to attend “Armastus project which is about financially helping needy people in slum communities.

Prayer Concerns

1. Continue to pray for provision. We need to raise money for our needs in the family as well as ministry.
2. For travelling mercy and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all that we do.
3. Pray that we will be able to find a new ministry area.