Companion with the Poor is a non-profit, Christian organization that works with the poorest communities in Metro Manila by planting holistic churches that meet the spiritual and physical needs of the most marginalized in the least reached slums. CWTP partners with local churches to plant sustainable churches within two years.



Baras Rizal Area-June 2016

By God’s abundantbaras rizal june 2016nt grace, love and mercies in us we HIS servant had been able to do these things;

1. As a team, we continue to do our Lectio Divina then after, that our team ministry meetings.
2. We praise and thank the Lord that despite our quite expensive fare and long, rough journey we still continue to do our ministry work.
3. Our church partner, Bethany Church (BCN) provided a much better tent/shelter for our Sunday worship celebration.
4. One of our church leaders also cooked the food for our feeding and her family most of whom are active in our ministry got into a deep problem. Their son Edward got sick and was confined in Amang Rodriguez Hospital. They needed some money and praise the Lord God gave them some money for their transportation in processing their hospital needs and food while they stay there.
5. Because the journey in going to our ministry is quite hard due to some rough roads, all of us got sick and most of us complain of muscle and body pains. We missed one Sunday in our area.
6. Our youth discipleship/Bible studies are doing well.
7. Our adult Bible studies are not doing well. Some already went back into the city to work and some went to Korean churches because of the blessing that they give. We are now praying for God’s wisdom on how we will be able to minister more to our adults.
8. I have called twice the NHA and their response was the same. They are still processing and studying our request for a lot and told me to wait for their call.

This coming July 2016

1. We think and pray to do a three months tutorial English reading for Grade 1-4 students. We have a burden to see Grade 1-4 students in our Sunday school who are still not ok in their reading comprehension both in English and Filipino. We have Sis.Paulete who has a 15 years teaching experience in a Christian private school. We are thinking as we do this tutorial the parents will not pay money. Their counterpart is to join our Bible studies for us to be able to minister among the adults.

2. We are thinking and praying to start to look for people to do a livelihood program.

3. We will continue to follow up our NHA request.

4. We will continue to do our holistic ministry.

5. We will try to take another route going to our ministry area. The new route is farther but the road is good. We will take the route to Antipolo going to Cogeo, then Cogeo going to Paenaan then take a tricycle going to our area in Baras. We think this will lessen our muscle/body pain which we are experiencing on our way to Teresa, Rizal.
Please continue to pray for our ministry financial needs, spiritual needs and family financial and spiritual needs.

Please pray for travelling mercy. We will take another route going into our ministry area which is farther.

Please pray for our upcoming July 2016 planned ministries.