Companion with the Poor is a non-profit, Christian organization that works with the poorest communities in Metro Manila by planting holistic churches that meet the spiritual and physical needs of the most marginalized in the least reached slums. CWTP partners with local churches to plant sustainable churches within two years.



Baras Rizal Area

Baras Rizal Area- August 2018

Ministry Highlights All by HIS grace and mercies! We visited our Pastor’s wife who was rushed in the Morong Hospital and been confined for almost 6 days because of Hypertension. I have been able to preach in behalf of our pastor who is taking good care of his wife at…

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Baras Rizal Area- July 2018

Ministry Highlights All by HIS grace and mercies! This month is a sick month. Ptr. Nerio’s wife got sick, and so was Sis. Pauelette. She has had stomach pain. She vomited many times and had to frequent the restroom. Sister Delia too was having pain in her stomach. My son,…

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Baras Rizal Area- June 2018

We are getting close in finishing our Alternative Learning System (ALS) classes according to Teacher Hadassah, our Instructional Manager (IM). ALS students starts reviewing on September and exams would be on October 2018. Our Church was happy that our three youth who seem no hope in continuing their schooling in…

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Baras Rizal Area- May 2018

We have a lot of things to be thankful to our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ. We have witnessed miracles in answering our prayers for our family needs and to HIS ministry. Sister Delia has a son who works as missionary in Thailand for the last three years. This week he…

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Baras Rizal Area- April 2018

We praise and thank our dear Lord Jesus Christ for HIS love to us by giving us what we need in HIS own time and will for HIS name to be glorified. Our partner church conducted a four-days Vacation Bible School with our children. Our Alternative Learning System is still…

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Baras Rizal Area- February 2018

Ministry Highlights Alternative Learning System. All by HIS grace and mercies we started our Alternative Learning System (ALS) in our community area. There were twenty (20) people who attended the ALS Orientation and nineteen (19) signed the application form. However, only eight to fifteen (8-15) came and joined our ALS…

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Baras Rizal Area- January 2018

                                                                       Ministry Highlights Transition in the Ministry Area. We led our first Companion with the Poor…

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Baras Rizal Area- December 2017

Ministry Highlights All by HIS grace and mercies! We praise and thank our good Lord Jesus Christ for all HIS provision in our ministry budget needs for the month of December 2017. We conducted our Saturday Children’s Christmas Party and our partner church was the one in-charge for the event….

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Baras Rizal Area-November 2017

Ministry Highlights Our team continued to meet for our prayer time together, team meetings and lunch fellowship. God’s ministries are all doing well. We were blessed to see the faith of our fellow brothers and sisters as they walk in Christ. During our testimonies, it was a great joy for…

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Baras Rizal Area- October 2017

Ministry Highlights Church Family Fellowship and Baptism. Last October 1, 2017 as a church we had our Family Fellowship and Baptism. Praising and thanking our Lord Jesus Christ for HIS provision in all our expenses, safety in our travel going in the resort and back home, and meaningful time together….

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