Companion with the Poor is a non-profit, Christian organization that works with the poorest communities in Metro Manila by planting holistic churches that meet the spiritual and physical needs of the most marginalized in the least reached slums. CWTP partners with local churches to plant sustainable churches within two years.



Buhisan Cebu City Area-July 2018

Discipleship Training

Church Building Construction. Praise the Lord for His favor and provision! Last July 23, we’re able to start the construction of the church building. The team and our church members were glad that finally we will not be troubled if it rain pours out during worship. The building will be used as worship center, ALS/Pre-school class room and a place for other church activities. Some of the church members volunteered themselves to help even in small ways. We hired skilled workers for the construction, but they offered to work at a lesser price as their way of helping the church. The team was blessed by this act of kindness and generosity among our brothers and sisters in the community.

Worship Celebration. Praise the Lord! We are able to conduct regular Worship Celebration every Sunday. We are deeply encouraged by the faithfulness and eagerness of our brothers and sisters who regularly attend the worship even when it rains. By now, while the construction is ongoing, we conduct our worship under a six feet by twelve feet used canvas. Last July 28, one of our friends donated thirty mono-block chairs for adults and eighteen chairs for kids and our members were very happy that they have a new chairs to used. This month, there are six new adults who attended our worship celebration.

Discipleship Training. Thanks be to God for his faithfulness and guidance as we continue to train and disciple our potential leaders. This month, we discussed deeply the lesson about “The Bible and God”. We also taught them how to do their regular quiet time and devotion. This will help them grow and become mature in their faith and love for the Lord. We are excited to see how God will use them in the ministry.

Bible Studies. Praise God! We continue to lead Bible studies in the community and we are blessed and encouraged with the way God is changing them. By next month, we are planning to open new Bible study groups at lower Kalombuyan so that everyone in the whole community will be able to hear the Gospel of Christ. We believe that these activities will serve as a training ground for our disciples.

1. Please pray for additional 20 plastic chairs for adults and 12 for children.
2. Pray for God’s provision for our plan to donate toilets to 10 families.
3. Pray for God’s provision for additional funds to complete the church building construction.
4. Please pray for health including our families.
5. Please pray for God’s provision for the batch of 20 scholars (10 from elementary and 10 from high school).
6. Please pray for Pastor Moises and his family. They are planning to move from their current rented house.