Companion with the Poor is a non-profit, Christian organization that works with the poorest communities in Metro Manila by planting holistic churches that meet the spiritual and physical needs of the most marginalized in the least reached slums. CWTP partners with local churches to plant sustainable churches within two years.



Buhisan Cebu City Area-November 2017


Pastor Moises led in singing worship during worship celebration.

Ministry Highlights

Worship Celebration. Praise the Lord! We celebrated our fifth Sunday Worship Service in the ministry area on November 26. We continually give thanks to the Lord for the increasing number of church attendees every Sunday worship celebration. Now we have regular twenty (20) adults and fifteem (15) young people. Through this church activity, people get to know about the Lord and His word. We also thank the Lord for answering our prayer for He provided guitar and beat box to be used during worship.

Sunday School for Kids. Aside from having our Feeding Program every Saturday, we were able to start our Sunday School for Kids last November 12. Thirty (30) children attended back then. Temporarily, we conducted it at the backyard of one of our church members and the children sat down on stones because we do not have chairs yet.

Feeding Program. We thank the Lord for His continued provision in our feeding program every Saturday afternoon. We were able to feed one hundred to one hundred fifty (100-150) children weekly since the program started. Ptr. Moises taught them how to sing and dance. The kids learned new memory verses and stories about God.

Tambourine Dance Tutorial. After our feeding program last Saturday November 11, Sis. Cristina Maaghop taught eight (8) children, composed of six (6) girls and two (2) boys, on how to use tambourine in dancing for the Lord, and it started the dance ministry in the area. The children were very energetic and joyful during the tambourine dance tutorial; they desire to learn more.

Youth Group. Praise the Lord for bringing more young people in our active youth group every Saturday. About fifteen (15) youths attend weekly. We are conducting our fellowship in an open area, creating an environment where they can freely express themselves; some of them know how to lead in prayer now. The team encouraged them to invite their friends and neighbors to join our fellowship.

Bible Study. By God’s grace, our Bible studies in the area continuously impacting people’s lives. In fact, Bible study members wanted to extend our Bible studies in their houses. It has been a strategy to invite their neighbors to be part of the learning experience about God and his word. Also, it will be a good opportunity for the team to open new Bible studies in the community soon.

Lot Levelling. After our Bible sharing, the team and church attendees work together to finish the levelling of the church lot. They were glad to take part on the improvement of the lot followed by a lunch fellowship together.
Prayer Concerns

1. God’s provision for our Christmas gift-giving to 50 families and 180 children
2. That we can give 50 Bibles to our church attendees
3. For the spiritual growth of Bible sharing members
4. God’s provision for weekly feeding program
5. For the lives of young people that they will continue to grow in the knowledge of Christ
6. The lot levelling to be finished and to be used for the regular church activities
7. For our family needs and health