Companion with the Poor is a non-profit, Christian organization that works with the poorest communities in Metro Manila by planting holistic churches that meet the spiritual and physical needs of the most marginalized in the least reached slums. CWTP partners with local churches to plant sustainable churches within two years.



CSJDM, Bulacan Team – Dec 2015

CSJDMFirst step to start our ministry in the community

On the first month of entering San Jose Heights community, by the grace of God, we were able to convince Coach Sonny, (The President of the Neighborhood Association) to introduce us to the existing and active leaders in the community..This is our first step to be known in the area.. We first  met  the vice chairman of Phase 2 Expansion Ms. Malou Quedeng. She shared with us something about the people living in their area and their place of origin before they were relocated. We also had the opportunity to talk with the good chairman Charlito Quimuel of Phase 2B and shared with us about his dream for the youth. We told him that if God will permit, we will be helping him to achieve this dream. So, we ask him to help us to find a place to be rented which we could use for our meetings and different activities in the future.

Team’s Prayer walk

After our meeting with the leaders in the community, we have decided to do our prayer walk. The team was able to do it even under the heat of the sun.  We believe that when we started our ministry we already declared war against the spiritual forces of evil and we are already victors in Christ.  In our lives, we always seek the presence of God expecting Him to move and reign within us and in our ministry

Prayer Concern:

1.  Pray for the coming community survey to b e done in July.
2.  Pray for our for our partner church to approve our proposal to help us to provide our budget for different programs and activities…
3.  Pray for our plan to start our first project (Feeding program for 30 to 50 kids) in the community.
4.   Plan to start our first Worship Service on the 3rd Sunday of August.
5.  Good health for the team as we sometimes experiencing dizziness due to the weather condition.