Companion with the Poor is a non-profit, Christian organization that works with the poorest communities in Metro Manila by planting holistic churches that meet the spiritual and physical needs of the most marginalized in the least reached slums. CWTP partners with local churches to plant sustainable churches within two years.



Halang Naic, Cavite Team – February 2018

                 Home Bible Studies

Ministry Highlights

Strategic Planning. We conducted our strategic planning last Feb. 1 and 2 at Ptra. Berna’s residence. We consolidated our community survey results of five hundred (500) families from Belmont and Bronze Ville. Twenty five per cent (25%) of the two thousand (2000) families have been surveyed. Based from the results, there were four hundred ninety seven (497) children, two hundred fifty (250) youths, and one hundred eighty nine (189) families or thirty seven per cent (37%) of 500 families were open for home Bible study. Praise God!

We also conducted SWOT Analysis to determine the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities  and Threats among ourselves as a team and in the community area where we serve.

  • Strengths – can be classified as Spiritual and Character Formation (lectio divina, liturgy, heart to the poor, value of family, etc.); Community Building (sharing of resources, empowering words and presence, supportive church partner, etc.); Team Qualities (unity, dedication, uniqueness, adaptability, etc.); and Collaborative Networks (sponsorship, allies i.e. JIBC-Main, community leaders, Bro. John Ridley, etc.)
  • Weaknesses – physical health problem, financial difficulties, family concerns, no fund for local ministry, need to practice priority management (overlapping schedules), etc.
  • Opportunities – training of local workers, partnership in community development projects, correctional ministry, police ministry, widow’s ministry, etc.
  • Threats – NHA payment policy, more religious groups coming in, lack of job opportunities, no consistent commitment among church leaders, etc.

The analysis helped us to become more mindful from the inside out, and to develop our work plan for this year, however, still not yet done. We summarized the things that we need to prepare as we continue serving the community strategically, listed those who were willing to have home Bible studies, assigned Bible study leaders and plotted our schedules.

Home Bible Study. We are currently having house-to-house visitation as follow-up to the one hundred eighty nine (189) families who responded for home Bible studies. Grateful to God for the nine (9) on-going home Bible studies and each family already received a Bible in Filipino (Tagalog) version. Some of the Bible Study attendees are joining our Sunday Worship Service. We are all excited to what God will be doing in lives of the people in the community.

Youth Inter-fellowship. Sixteen (16) young people from our church attended the Youth Inter-fellowship entitled, “Hugot Night II” last February 18 at King’s Way Christian Academe in San Roque, Naic, Cavite. The said event has been organized by the home church of Sis. Joyce for the purpose of bringing awareness to the young people of the reality they encounter among their age groups, encouraging them to wait and pray for God’s timing in having intimate relationships. The youths were blessed with this event for they relate very much to the presentations and learned as well from God’s word shared to all present.

Prayer Concerns

1. Home Bible studies at Belmont and Bronze Ville in Naic, Cavite
2. For the health of Ptra. Berna Batiancila (high blood pressure)
3. Sis. Joyce Dispulo’s strength and wisdom for her work at CWTP Building Construction Project in Fairview; financial provision and healing for her dad (twice a week dialysis)
4. God’s guidance to Ptr. Ramon Padilla in leading teams as CWTP South Field Director
5. For Ptr. Reggie Garcia – family’s health and prayer for the t-shirt printing business