Companion with the Poor is a non-profit, Christian organization that works with the poorest communities in Metro Manila by planting holistic churches that meet the spiritual and physical needs of the most marginalized in the least reached slums. CWTP partners with local churches to plant sustainable churches within two years.



Rollet, Paul

Rollet, Paul 2

Paul’s Journey:

I was born into a Christian family, and grew up with strong Christian parents and grandparents as well as a loving church. When I was only four years old, my parents helped start a church in our small town of Chatham, Illinois just outside of Springfield, Illinois. Arguably this began to form a foundation for my going on to help start many other churches throughout my life.

I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior when I was 10 years old, and from there continued to grow in my faith and ministry. After college I moved to Chicago, Illinois where I served in urban ministry for six years, then I made my way to the Philippines where I served for two years with Companion With the Poor.

In 2014 I went back to the States to finish my dissertation for a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership and work in Kansas City as the program director of an inner city mission. In September 2015 I decided to return to the Philippines to work with Companion With the Poor.

Paul’s Mission:

I have done many things in urban ministry over the last ten years, including chaplaincy, teaching, preaching, serving the homeless, and planting churches in the slums. In 2012-2013 I served on a ministry team in Montalban, Rizal, where we helped plant a church in a relocation community. During that time I focused on helping disciple the youth, teach at a local Bible college, and lead short term mission trips to other parts of the Philippines and other countries like India and Thailand. My passion is still teaching and mentoring new missionaries, writing and editing stories to share with others, and serving on the ground through evangelism, prayer, Bible studies, and worship.

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