Companion with the Poor is a non-profit, Christian organization that works with the poorest communities in Metro Manila by planting holistic churches that meet the spiritual and physical needs of the most marginalized in the least reached slums. CWTP partners with local churches to plant sustainable churches within two years.



Villa San Isidro Team – June 2016

VSI june 201618 Students in Alternative Learning System (ALS) were Evangelized
Eighteen unchurched people from the community of JOVIL and nine from a nearby community were evangelized through the Alternative Learning System (ALS) program. This program will last ten months before the students will be allowed to take an examination for their high school diploma. When they pass the examination, they will be given a high school diploma. We are encouraging these ALS students to enroll in SGG Training Center for their National Certificate (NC) in either electrical and building wiring installation or automotive course. Twenty among the 27 ALS students are between 17-25 year old.

Students from Cole Valley Christian Academy from Boise, Idaho, United States of America, through their mission exposure program, rendered their service last June 7, 2016 at JOVIL church by constructing tables and cabinets for the ALS students. Cole Valley Christian Academy went to different countries every year to conduct basketball clinic and help poor community through sports and school supplies. Alternative Learning System (ALS) in JOVIL is a new program to help reach the young people and adults for Christ through education. We are partnering with Motor Trade Foundation for this program. We provided the venue, follow up students and bring them to the church while the partner organization is in-charge in education program.

The Church in JOVIL was planted by CWTP (formerly Mission Ministries Philippines) missionaries last 2006-2009. Pastor Ronald Regulado, a pastor in JOVIL under the leadership of Pastor Johnrey is assigned pastor for ALS to teach values formation to the students.  Among the enrollees in ALS are members of Iglesia ni Cristo and Jehovah’s Witnesses. There were hesitation in the beginning but because  ALS class was held in the church, so they decided to join.

Christian Ministry License from CAMACOP denomination
I served as a missionary and church planter in urban poor community with CWTP for almost a decade now. My sending church, Lord of the Harvest Community, through Pastor Clarence Dingcong endorsed me to be a candidate for ministry license and eventually become an ordained ministry in the future. I am thankful for the opportunity to be recognize as a licensed minister. However, it’s not my motivation to serve the community; whether I will be an ordained minister or not, I will remain serving the Lord through mission works by planting churches and making disciples.

Church Book Keeping
Part of my major responsibility as missionary is to facilitate the church in developing an organizational structure and in formulating programs such as setting goals and helping the church in recording their tithes and offering. Last June 11, 2016, we had another meeting with the representatives from four churches. We have this once- a -month book keeping training with my wife to help the churches record their tithes and offering and had it presented to the members. Last meeting, I helped them how to formulate monthly summary report of the total collection and total expenses for the month.

Praise Report

  • I thank the Lord for his provision for my children’s education. Daniel is in college, 3rd year in IT, Jemimah and Jeremiah both in junior high school and Josiah in first grade. Even though we do not have regular financial support, God is faithful to my family,
  • I thank God for the support and partnership of my wife in the ministry as she handles cell group for the pastor’s wives and at the same time helping with the children ministry,
  • Praise God for the 18 students from the SSG Training Center who will be qualified to take the National Examination for National Certificate 1 for automotive servicing course.

Long Term Plan

  • For the Sacred Gift of God (SGG) Training Center and to be registered in SEC as training center and to be accredited in TESDA and offer other programs such as welding, electrical and building installation, computer serving and book keeping,
  • As missionary to the community to help develop a transferable program for training leaders and making disciples and to help the church in formulating plans in reaching the community for Christ,
  • To help the church in establishing a financial system.

Prayer Concern

  • Please pray for God’s provision to construct a room for my 14 years old daughter. Our house has been ready for the additional room.
  • Please pray for the trainees to pass the National Certificate for automotive servicing this coming July 2016.
  • Please pray for the church in VSI and a church planting in partnership with CWTP at Southville 8B Phase 5.