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Villa San Isidro Team – March 2016

Students in automotive during actual practice

Students in automotive during actual practice

Impacting Others By Influencing Them
It’s almost one year since I start teaching automotive in Sacred Gift of God (SGG) Training in Montalban.  This training center was established with our church planting team assigned in Villa San Isidro (VSI) last 2011.  We started working as missionary since last quarter of 2010, finally on June 2011 we signed a agreement with the local church.  While we are continue in doing ministry, Korean missionary couple Samuel and Hannah Hwang join us, and we began, praying to help the community, finally on March otf 2014 we were able to register this vocational training center. When our partnership with local church was completed, I stay to teach and manage the training center, and help the local church in training leaders and the same time establish administrative system.
Most of my students were coming from poor families, others came from dysfunctional and broken homes, still others don’t have right values and some don’t even have clear direction in life.  Some just attended in the class for the training certificate but there were some who believes that their training on automotive will give them good job and eventually change their predicament.  As I meet them in the morning and afternoon class, I became a friend to them not only as instructor but as a pastor and best friend.  Before I began my class I always taught them about Christian values based on the Bible and while I’m demonstrating to them  the actual repair I also assimilate Biblical truth to them.  In less than three months, the first batch class will be graduated in the program and will look for employment.  I am confident that I imparted good values to them.
I will continue my advocacy in bringing hope and transformation to the lives of the others; in the class room and in the community where I am assigned to bring the hope and salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.
18 Preschoolers Qualified In The First Grade
Eighteen preschoolers who graduated from Tree of Life Learning (TOL) from VSI were qualified on first grade in the nearby elementary school in Montalban.  This is significant for the parents who sent their children to study in the TOL preschool because TOL have been producing quality graduates.  We started preschool since 2011.  Since we started this preschool, although we don’t have accreditation yet, parents are confidently enrolling in the preschool.
Among the first graduated from the TOL preschool is Jefferson Flores, in three consecutive years he is consistently included in the top student in his section.  We believed student like Jefferson, has his advantage when entering in the first grade because he can cope up with the basic reading and comprehension compared to his contemporary in the other kindergarten. TOL is helping not only in providing quality early education to the disadvantage children it is also become an avenue for sharing the love of Christ to the parents.  Some of the parents in now attending in the church, others were attending in the cell group.
Church Attendees Were Decreasing.  The common problem in the independent churches is the structure and programs and yet they were passionate to reach souls unfortunately becoming weak in discipline leaders.

Praise Report

  • Praise God for the 18 preschoolers who qualified in grade one
  • Praise for the Arvin and Rayvin for leading fellowship and prayer for the youth leaders every Thursday afternoon.
  • Praise God for my two sons; Jeremiah graduated in elementary and Josiah graduated in preparatory
  • Praise God for my 21 students in afternoon class and 19 in morning class.