Poverty Profile of Metro Manila

There are 586 slums in Manila alone. These are homes of the poor. But they remain the frontier for evangelical mission work.

The United Nations says that any person who lives on less than USD1.25 (Php58) per day is poor.

In the Philippines, the poverty level is USD 0.76 (Php38) per day.

27.6 million Filipinos (33%) live below the poverty standard.

12.2 million Filipinos (15%) live below the subsistence standard.

How Success is Measured

Success means the poor not only receive but are also empowered to give and the community is transformed. Success happens at two levels:

At a personal level, success happens when the poor undergo a paradigm shift, moving from being the receiver to the giver because they know that Jesus (though he was poor) gave sacrificially.

At the community level, success happens when the community becomes more united, organized, and mobilized toward a common goal.

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